We Give Thanks, We Get Thanks

At this time when we count our blessings, we are happy to share with you the expression of thanks of a gentleman we helped.

My name is Leotis…and I am so appreciative for the help you provided for me this month, with the food and tennis shoes. I am truly blessed for you paying my water bill. I could never say thank you enough for what you did. After God bring me through this trial I will surey help someone else, as you did for me.

Once again thank you very much for helping me and mine family. Sincerely, Leotis

Wishing you and yours a most blessed of Thanksgivings.


Tax Volunteers Needed

blogpic_1040-tax-formsTrain in December or January to help through April 15th.

North Dallas Shared Ministries has been chosen as one of eight Dallas agencies participating in Foundation Communities Earn It! Keep It! Save It! program to help prepare tax returns for low-income families.

To meet our goals, we need volunteers for day, evening and Saturday slots and we’ll provide access to IRS training.

Last year we filed returns for 376 families, saving them over $38,000 in processing fees and identifying close to $600,000 in refunds and credits. The goal for Dallas is to serve 10,000 families in 2011.