Access to entitlement, health and community programs

Food Stamp/Medicaid

We require that eligible clients apply for food stamps (SNAP) and/or Medicaid/CHIP if they haven’t already done so. (One application serves for both programs.) Eligibility for both these programs is based on income and citizenship or legal residency. U.S-born children of undocumented parents are eligible and parents can apply for aid without fear of retribution.

A staff person from the North Texas Food Bank is on site Monday through Friday to help clients complete the application process.

Parkland Financial Assistance

Parkland Financial Assistance is a fee-for-service program for low income Dallas County residents without insurance or access to insurance. It is not an insurance program. NDSM volunteers instruct clients and clinic patients on how to apply.

Dallas County Health and Human Services Emergency Assistance

Our clients who are temporarily or permanently disabled, are U.S. citizens or have legal resident status, reside in Dallas County and have no income are referred to Dallas County Health and Human Services when requesting rent or utility assistance from us. Women who meet the criteria and are pregnant are eligible for the two months before the birth of the baby and six weeks after.

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)

QMB pays the Medicare premium, co-payments and deductibles for low income seniors. SLMB (Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary) pays the Medicare premium only for those with slightly higher income. We assist eligible seniors to apply.

Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas Program

Annually the Salvation Army provides us with 300 appointment vouchers for its Christmas assistance program. We qualify families for an appointment with the SA and the SA then determines eligibility.