NDSM services are listed on our Home Page. COVID-19 changed how we work. Check each listing for details on how to apply.

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We are blessed to have some 500 volunteers who help us carry out our charitable mission. We have an unpaid executive director, a medical clinic director and administrative assistant (both paid). They manage the work of the volunteers to see that we deliver services efficiently and that the volunteer experience is rewarding.

A nine-member Governing Board is composed of experienced business, medical and charitable executives who bring their expertise and diverse points of view to its deliberations. The Governing Board provides strategic vision and oversight. Five Board members must be affiliated with a covenant congregation. In addition, we have an ex-officio member who represents the Junior League of Dallas.

We also have an Advocacy Council with a representative from each Covenant Congregation to provide a formal channel of communications with all our member congregations.

Governing Board Members

Leonard M. Riggs, Jr., M.D., Chairman
Tauane Aravjo Cruz
C. Dane Hardy
Nelson Jaeggli, M.D.
Eric D. Janson
Catherine McKnight
J. Kenneth Menges, Jr., PC
Colin C. Rorrie, Jr.,PhD
Whitney Thomas, Junior League of Dallas, Ex Officio
Judith L. Rorrie, Executive Director, Ex Officio

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