We have four main goals in support of our charitable mission to help low-income people assume as much responsibility for their lives as they are able:

  • First, we provide appropriate emergency assistance.
  • Second, we help them access entitlement, health and community programs designed to help them achieve long-term stability.
  • Third, we promote their wellness and financial independence.
  • Fourth, we develop resource materials that can lead them to additional services and support.

Our goal as an organization is simple – to deliver aid as efficiently and effectively as possible. Since our founding, we have overwhelmingly relied on volunteers – over 500 at present – to fulfill our mission.

So our fundamental organizational objective is to make volunteering desirable by insuring that it remains rewarding and fulfilling. Our volunteers enable us to devote over 95% of our budget to client/patient services. In 2017, general and administrative expenses  were 4.7% of total assistance provided ($5.7 million).

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